About Us

About FBO Drive

Welcome to FBO Drive, where aviation meets ground transportation. We are a car rental company founded with a passion for aviation and a commitment to serving the unique needs of pilots, owners, and passengers in the world of general aviation and private charter.

Our Story

FBO Drive was born out of a shared love for flying and a realization of the challenges faced by aviation enthusiasts when it comes to reliable and convenient ground transportation. Our founders, who are avid pilots themselves, are working hard to bridge the gap between the sky and the road.

With a vision to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for those in the private aviation community, FBO Drive took flight. We set out to create a car rental service that caters specifically to the needs of individuals who appreciate the freedom and adventure of private aircraft travel.

Our Commitment

At FBO Drive, we are committed to offering effective rental car service to underserved and often rural airports. We understand the importance of reliability, convenience, and efficiency. Our priority is to remove the stress of ground transportation arrangements so that you can focus on safe flying. That’s why we have carefully curated our fleet, streamlined our booking process, and prioritized self-service options at our airport locations.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience with FBO Drive promotes safe flight planning and reduces stress levels for the pilot and operators.

Join Us on Your Aviation Journey

At FBO Drive, we’re more than just a car rental service; we’re your trusted partner on the road to adventure. Whether you’re a pilot, an aircraft owner, or a passionate passenger, we invite you to utilize FBO Drive.

Appropriate Pricing!

We prioritize competitive pricing and the importance of having reliable ground transportation at underserved and often rural airports.

Reserve Now

Reserve your vehicle with ease at FBO Drive. Your adventure begins with a simple click. Secure your ride and start your aviation journey today.


FBO Drive is on a mission to provide self-service car rental to owners, pilots, and passengers of private aircraft.  We are likely coming to your home base soon!